'Things' Are People, Too

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HUNTER J., 'Things' Are People, Too, techcrunch.com, 19.05.2015

Type Article
Link http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/19/1158665/
Topics Personality, Security, Technology, Interoperability


The Internet is " hybrid between math and our human lingua franca of choice".

In order to make the Internet of Things a greater opportunity for us, we should change our perspective: instead of considering our IoT "Things" as things, we should consider them as people, or, better, as employees. This would lower the friction between man and machine, and therefore improve our relationship with our IoT "Things": "Need a new thing to do a job for you? Hire it, or have your manager hire it. Some thing not doing what you hired it to do? Fire it. Drop it like a hot toaster. Replace it."

N.B. "To borrow a beautiful new slogan that Microsoft gave us this year, “When you change the way you see your world, you can change the world you see.” This is certainly something we, the IoT industry, must do to get a handle on the big challenges our silicon employees present in terms of interoperability, usability and security."

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