30 Billion “Things” To Consider: How IoT Will Transform Enterprise IT

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HILTON S., 30 Billion “Things” To Consider: How IoT Will Transform Enterprise IT, Dyn.com, 14.04.2014

Type Article
Abstract From IDC to Gartner, there is a lot of talk right now about the Internet of Things (IoT) but we wanted to know what this really means for Enterprise IT organizations. So we decided to ask Scott Hilton, Dyn EVP of Product, six questions on the topic.
Link http://dyn.com/blog/30-billion-things-to-consider-how-iot-will-transform-enterprise-it/
Topics Business Model, Consumer, Data Usability


"IoT has broad application over many industries. Some will embrace and implement faster than others. Broadly, industries that have highly distributed infrastructure to support their business will be the first to get value – Logistics, Supply Chain, Utilities, Healthcare, Retail. While consumer products are getting all of the press right now – (Fitbit, Nest...) the truly transformative nature of IoT is in “digitizing” all industries by providing real-time data and analytics to lower costs, increase efficient use of infrastructure and deliver personalized on-demand services."

"According to IDC, Consumer Products will be the largest vertical in terms of IoT spend by 2020. The other vertical comprising IoT spend include: Manufacturing (24%), Public Sector (23%), Services (15%) and Infrastructure (9%), and Financial Services (3%)."