A Dark Side of Data Portability: Litigators Love It

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GOLDMAN E., A Dark Side of Data Portability: Litigators Love It, Forbes, 17.10.2012

Type Article
Link http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericgoldman/2012/10/17/a-dark-side-of-data-portability-litigators-love-it/
Topics Data Usability


"Cloud services are great, but they pose a number of challenges for users. For example, users may legitimately fear that vendors will “lock-in” their users by holding user data hostage, forcing users to keep using their services instead of better competitors because it’s too painful to forego or transfer the existing data. To ameliorate this concern, there has been a push to demand that cloud service providers offer users a data export feature that makes it easier to take their data to competitive vendors. For example, earlier this year the European Union proposed revising its data privacy rules to require mandatory data portability (see Article 18). However, those favoring the proliferation of data export tools should consider another audience that will find the tools quite useful: litigators seeking to do discovery of cloud users."