Five Challenges For The Internet of Things Ecosystem

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SHARMA R., Five Challenges For The Internet of Things Ecosystem, Forbes, 12.11.2013

Type Article
Topics Business Model, Data Protection, Technology, Interoperability


Among the issues highlighted in the article, two are of particular interest in a context of consumer empowerment.

  • "Data Control: From the user perspective, this is one of the more significant barriers to large-scale adoption of the technology. Data control is commonly mistaken for data ownership. “It is no longer about who owns the data,” clarifies Kalmar. “It is about control and about deciding who gets access to my data”. Enabling access to private data is a slippery slope. There are net positives such as Google Flu Trends, which accurately predicted Flu outbreak cases, faster than the Centers for Disease Control. However, as recent developments have shown, sharing personal data can be a two-way street."
  • "Data Sharing: In the Internet of Things paradigm, data is gold. However, data provisioning builds off a social contract between large corporations and customers. Corporations provide a free or nominally-priced service in exchange for a consumer’s personal data. This data is either sold to advertisers or used to develop further products or services useful to consumers. Third-party applications, which build off the core service, poach customers (and related customer data) from such applications. For established networks and large corporations, this can be detrimental practice because such applications eventually poach their customers. In such a scenario, large corporations need to balance their approach to open source with commercial considerations."