French gadget-makers pour into the 'internet of things'

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MARGOLIS J., French gadget-makers pour into the 'internet of things', Financial Times, 15.07.2015

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France is second only to the US in the IoT field.

In June, it has been opened in Angers, France, the Europe's biggest cenetre dedicated to the IoT: the "Cité de l'Objet Connecté".

Some French IoT products are:

  • Netatmo's Welcome: a home security camera that recognises faces;
  • Invoxia's Triby: a kitchen-based family communications centre;
  • Kolibree: a web-connected electric toothbrush;
  • Aldebaran's Pepper robot: an emotion-sensing humanoid;
  • MyFox: a home security alarm that claims to detect a break-in before it happens by monitoring unusual vibration signatures from windows and doors;
  • BeSpoon: it enables GPS-style location of people or things but does so indoors — and is accurate to within a few centimetres;
  •'s Motion Cookies: they attach to objects and people to analyse movement, temperature and proximity. They report their findings to a web-connected hub called Mother;
  • HAPIfork: it helps you monitor and track your eating habits by connecting to a phone app that teaches you to eat slowly;
  • Piq: a wearable sensor to improve players’ skills in golf, soon to be available in tennis, skiing, football and fencing flavours.

Some well established French IoT companies are:

  • Parrot
  • Withings

The author of the article propose the opinion that those IoT products may be "[g]immicky products and solutions looking for problems in some cases". [[Category:{{{topics}}}]]