Google Releases EtherPad as Open Source to Calm Users

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PEREZ J.C., Google Releases EtherPad as Open Source to Calm Users,, 18.12.2009

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In 2009, Google acquired AppJet, which is EtherPad's creator, in order to add AppJet's technology and team to Google Wave.

Google was not interested in continuing providing EtherPad service, so it announced that the service would be discontinued in March 2010.

This caused users' complaints. Therefore, Google - even if it didn't change its mind - decided to release Etherpad's code as open source: in this way, anyone could install it on their own servers, and therefore Etherpad's functionality could live also after the closing of People could download the code, and someone could even freely decide to offer the Etherpad application ina web-hosted manner, like AppJet did.