Google takes aim at the internet of things with new Brillo operating system

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GIBBS S., Google takes aim at the internet of things with new Brillo operating system, The Guardian, 28.05.2015

Type Article
Abstract Search firm has designs on fully connected houses following its acquisition of smart-device company Nest and wants to be bigger than just Android.
Topics Business Model, Interoperability


Brillo is new Google's IoT operating system, designed to run on and connect multiple low-power devices. Brillo uses Weave, a competing standard to Apple's HomeKit. Weave can also work independently of Brillo.

One of the most relevant issues in the IoT is the lack of interoperable standards: indeed, if the IoT should describe an environment in which everything is connected to the Internet in a way that enable the communication and interaction between objects, this environment is difficult to implement, because - even if every object is equipped with connectivity - each of them uses proprietary connections and software, which make the things unable to speak one another.

However, Samsung has said that his branded IoT devices will be open to connecting to devices by other firms. In the author’s opinion, Google also "could be well placed to open up an IoT ecosystem featuring compatibility with other offerings".

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