Internet of things: ubiquitous monitoring in space and time

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BUTTARELLI G., Internet of things: ubiquitous monitoring in space and time, Prague, European Privacy and Data Protection Commissioners’ Conference, 29.04.2010

Type Article
Topics Data Protection, Security, Information Security


"The quote “[the Internet Society] evolves from a network of interconnected computers to a network of interconnected objects...and thus create an ‘Internet of things’ “comes from the EU communication on the Internet of Things published in June 2009 and has been built on the 2005 ITU report" (page 2).

"The Internet of Things is becoming a reality due to three basic and fundamental trends":

  • "the real “torrent” of data produced by the tagged objects populating the IoT will be easily transported by the network "
  • "the possibility to store all the activity of the IoT without constraint or limit"
  • "the ambient intelligent space which is now called the IoT can exist only because all these objects will be able to be connected to the network anywhere or will even play the role of an extension node of this network"