Looking Ahead — Future Issues when Reflecting on the Place of the iConsumer in Consumer Law and Copyright Law

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VAN HOBOKEN J., HELBERGER N., Looking Ahead — Future Issues when Reflecting on the Place of the iConsumer in Consumer Law and Copyright Law, Journal of Consumer Policy, V. 31, 2008, 489

Type Article
Abstract The following is a brief report of the discussion and main comments that were

made during a workshop ‘ The place of the iConsumer in EU and US law — protecting consumers of copyright protected content ’ , held in Amsterdam on 14 and 15 of December 2007. The workshop was part of a series of joint events organised by the Berkeley Centre for Law and Technology, University of California (BCLT) and the Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam on copyright and a follow-up to the conference on ‘ Copyright, digital rights management technology and consumer protection ’ that was held at the UC Berkeley in March 2007. The main goal of the workshop was to confront a consumer law approach with the more commonly discussed approach of internalising user- related questions directly into copyright law. To this end, a selected group of European and US experts in both fields, copyright law and consumer law, were invited. The participants were then asked to share their thoughts and views from the different fields of law with regard to a number of main statements given by the organisers. The transatlantic perspective further added to the discussion. The main purpose of this report is to point to a number of issues that, according to the workshop participants, should be taken into account in future discussions concerning the legal position of the iConsumer. This report summarises the discussion along the three statements that the organisers asked participants to consider. The report gives some background information for each of the statements, to then describe the main arguments made during the workshop, to the extent that this discussion has not already been internalised in the papers that are part of this special JCP issue.

Link http://www.ivir.nl/publicaties/download/697
Topics Business Model, Consumer, Intellectual Property, Technology, DRM