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'Things' Are People, Too +HUNTER J.  +


30 Billion “Things” To Consider: How IoT Will Transform Enterprise IT +HILTON S.  +


4 Ways Copyright Law Actually Controls Your Whole Digital Life +COX K.  +


5 Reasons The iPhone 6 Will Save The Internet of Things +BURNS P.  +


A "New Approach" to Standards and Consumer Protection +WINN J., JONDET N.  +
A Dark Side of Data Portability: Litigators Love It +GOLDMAN E.  +
A Simple Proposal To Improve Security for the Internet of Things +BURNS P.  +
A Supply Chain of Things: the EAGLET ontology fir highly visible supply chain +GEERTS G.L., O'LEARY D.E.  +
Accommodating the Needs of iConsumers: Making Sure They Get Their Money's Worth of Digital Entertainment +GUIBAULT L.  +
Agreement on Commission's EU data protection reform will boost Digital Single Market +European Commission  +
AllSeen Alliance. An Open Source Project Building the Framework of the Internet of Things +AllSeen Alliance  +
An ambitious EU circular economy package +European Commission  +
Appalto di Software e Trasferimento dei Diritti +SAMMARCO P.  +
Apple unveils move towards health and home in new iPhone software +ARTHUR C.  +
Attitudes and Behaviors of Mobile Network Operator Customers: Contributions toward empirically founded marketing strategies for mobile navigation and Internet services +GERPOTT T.J.  +


BREAKING NEWS – EU Privacy Reform Agreed +CORAGGIO, G.  +


Circular Economy in Europe – Developing the knowledge base +EEA  +
Closing the loop: Commission adopts ambitious new Circular Economy Package to boost competitiveness, create jobs and generate sustainable growth +European Commission  +
Competition Policy: Theory and Practice +MOTTA M.  +
Competition/Antitrust Challenges in Technology Aftermarkets +BELL R., KRAMER J.  +
Creating Ubiquitous Computing, Virtual Worlds, and the Displacement of Property Rights +BOONE M.S.  +
Customer Experience in the Internet of Things: Five Ways Brands Can Use Sensors to Build Better Customer Relationships +GROOPMAN J.  +


DRM in Cars Will Drive Consumers Crazy +HIGGINS P.  +
Data Protection and the Internet of Things. Keynote Address for EuroForum European Data Protection Days +BRILL J.  +
David Orban: Internet of Things +BELVIGLIERI S.  +
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