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Google Glass and the Demise of Ownership +''"Another complication is that Google Glass, like many recent- and emerging-generation consumer electronics products, is made useful largely through its ability to connect to license-based service offerings. When you use a service such as Google Maps, you do so under a license to access the associated content—you’re a licensee, not an owner of that content."'' ''"The model of requiring purchasers of consumer electronics devices to first enter into restrictive contracts as a condition of sale and then to agree to restrictive licenses when using those devices raises multiple concerns. Most fundamentally, it does an end run around legal frameworks that evolved specifically to prohibit anti-competitive and consumer-unfriendly downstream control over transfers of ownership. And it’s confusing for consumers."''  +, ''"It’s tempting to think of the Glass resale restriction as simply another unwelcome consequence of the many legalese-laden agreements that we all encounter when using almost any online service. But most of those agreements involve restrictions on data, not the devices on which they reside. You can’t resell files containing songs downloaded from Amazon, map data from Google, or restaurant recommendations from Zagat. Our purchased devices, by contrast, have generally been ours to keep, sell, loan, or donate as we see fit. That flexibility is lost when a purchase comes with restrictions like those in the Glass terms of sale."''  +