Three Major Challenges for the Internet of Things

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VAN RIJMENAM M., Three Major Challenges for the Internet of Things,, 09.04.2015

Type Article
Topics Business Model, Data Protection, Property


The author says that - if usually consumers pay "free" services like Facebook with personal data - therefore, if IoT devices are sold for money, probably the data produced by them should be property of the consumers. He is thus suggesting a model of privacy as property (for a critique of this apporach to privacy, see Digital Consumers and The Law. Towards a Cohesive European Framework).

"In the Internet of Things it’s not about who owns the data but who controls the data and receives access to that data. Ownership of data is and probably will remain a difficult topic for years, but it is probably shifting to having access to the data and being able to use it for analysis. Just as we see with the peer-to-peer economy or share-economy; it’s not about ownership but having access to. From a consumer perspective this will be a major challenge. More and more consumers are becoming aware of the fact that ‘free services’ such as Gmail or Facebook are actually paid for with data. So if consumers have to pay for Internet-connected devices, the question is who owns that data that is created with that device?"

"For the Internet of Things to work seamlessly, the more data that is shared the better. We will probably all benefit if organisations can combine and mix the data for additional insights. So, in a perfect world the owner of the data decides who gets access to his/her data and can even monetize the data, because of the additional insights organisations derive from it."