BREAKING NEWS – EU Privacy Reform Agreed

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CORAGGIO, G., BREAKING NEWS – EU Privacy Reform Agreed, GamingTechLaw, 16.12.2015

Type Article
Abstract The EU privacy reform providing for the adoption of the EU Data Protection Regulation has been agreed setting a milestone for the future of privacy within the EU.

An agreement was found between the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council on the EU privacy reform that provides for the adoption of:

   - the EU Data Protection Regulation that will set out consistent data protection rules across the European Union to ensure a better protection of individuals’ personal data in the Digital Single Market and
   - the Data Protection Directive for the police and criminal justice sector which will ensure that the data of victims, witnesses, and suspects of crimes, are duly protected in the context of a criminal investigation or a law enforcement action facilitating at the same time cross-border cooperation of police or prosecutors to combat crime and terrorism more effectively across Europe. 
Topics Competition, Data Protection, Data Usability, Technology, Interoperability


"The data protection regulation will provide among others:


2. A right to data portability

It will be easier to transfer individuals’ personal data between service providers. This right might have an impact for instance on data protection issues affecting Internet of Things technologies when an individual purchases a new connected car and wants to “port” his profile from the old to the new vehicle."