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The “Internet of Things” – term coined in 1999 by the British technology pioneer Kevin Ashton – refers to an infrastructure composed by billions of physical goods – equipped with smart modules and integrated into the Internet – which collect data, communicate with people and with other things, and enable remote and/or autonomous command and control of environments. This integration of the physical dimension with the digital one is destined to impact significantly on the everyday life of individuals. Given that consumer IoT applications drive the number of connected things, one of the main challenges concerns the implications of the IoT advent for consumer goods. In fact, the latter are increasingly becoming part of the IoT infrastructure: they embed software, can be remotely monitored and controlled, and often require third-party intermediation in order to be enjoyed by their purchasers. As a consequence, technology itself, and contract, may affect customers' ability to use and transfer the IoT-embedded items purchased.

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