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Internet of Things. Applicazioni, sicurezza e riservatezza dei dati personali +''"La tendenza mostra che, anche senza un contatore intelligente, i dispositivi che ci stiamo portando in casa sono fin troppo “smart”. Vi ricordate il caso di LG dello scorso maggio? I possessori di una smart TV di LG si sono visti aggiornare il software, ma non per eliminare una vulnerabilità di sicurezza. L’interfaccia chiedeva all’utente di esprimere o declinare consenso, pena il non funzionamento dei servizi a valore aggiunto. Consenso per cosa? Vediamo: ''"Our Privacy Policy explains and seeks your agreement for how we collect, use, and share information that we obtain as a result of your use of LG Smart TV Services, as well as how we use cookies. You do not have to agree to the Privacy Policy but if you do not, not all Smart TV Services will be available to you. In that case, we will still receive certain non-identifying information from your Smart TV that we need to provide the basic functions that will be available"''. Aggiungo che il testo di cui sopra è stato trascritto manualmente leggendo dalla TV, perché non ne esiste una versione pubblicamente disponibile, nemmeno nel manuale cartaceo o sul sito di LG. Sì, è la stessa LG che pochi mesi prima era stata contestata perché ogni volta che si collegava un disco esterno o una chiavetta USB alla TV, l’elenco dei file ivi presenti veniva spedito ai server di LG. Tornando alla privacy policy, avete notato il passaggio in cui si dice che, indipendentemente dall’accettazione o meno delle condizioni, LG continuerà a raccogliere dati (non identificanti il possessore) per continuare a poter erogare le funzionalità essenziali?"'''  +


LG Will Take The 'Smart' Out Of Your Smart TV If You Don't Agree To Share Your Viewing And Search Data With Third Parties +''"Because I will not agree to LG's Privacy Policy, I can now no longer access/use any of of the TV's network based programs: Iplayer, Skype, 3D etc. As of the 7th May following a software update to our less than two year old LG TV. I was confronted with a message asking me to read and agree with a couple of important new documents. So like a good little citizen I read and agreed with the first doc regarding use of said TV. but having read the Privacy Doc I was not best pleased with the companies assumption that I would simply agree to their sharing all our intimate viewing details (plus what ever else they can see)with all and sundry. Since I agreed not to hack into installed software (as if I Could)We cannot get around the block. I think the company must be in breach of contract since the smart functions are no longer available. Surely in the uk at least you should not be able to change the goal posts at will. Any one sorted this problem yet?? Before some smart alec says "Take It back". We bought the set because it satisfied our criteria at the time. We did not expect some legal bully to come along nearly two years later and tell us to share all our information with the world OR ELSE??"''  +, '''N.B. ''"UK law does offer some additional protections in this regard. The Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulation of 1999 notes the following in its long list of specified "unfair terms": ''"enabling the seller or supplier to alter unilaterally without a valid reason any characteristics of the product or service to be provided"''. LG presenting customers with the false choice of a) giving up control of their data or b) losing access to a great deal of the Smart TV features could be construed as "altering the characteristics of the product." A lot would depend on the investigating agency's definition of "valid reason." LG's Privacy Policy claims that most of what it collects is essential to provide these "smart" services. Indeed, many of them are. But there's also plenty in that wording that indicates LG is collecting additional information solely for the purpose of providing ads. Whether or not that's a legally "valid reason" is still up for discussion."'''''  +