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Apple Watch +A smart watch to be paired with the iPhone, in order to: i. execute some of the functions of the smartphone directly on the watch (notifications; Google search; etc.); ii. benefit of some additional features provided by the smart watch (track your physical activity, etc.).  +
Automatic +Automatic is a car adapter that provides information about the car in which it is installed and about customer's driving habits, and that allows the customer to connect his car to the Internet.  +


Filip +A communication and location wearable device (similar to a watch) and service for children, which helps parents to monitor them.  +
Fitbit +Fitbit is an activity tracker which senses user movement in order to calculate distance walked, calories burned, floors climbed, activity duration and intensity, and sleep duration and quality.  +


Google Glass +Google Glass is an example of wearable technology: it is a smart pair of glasses (most technically, a head-mounted wearable computer), equipped with an optical display, a touch pad, a camera, a microphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a GPS; it can carry out various functions, mostly like a smartphone.  +


Kindle +The Kindle E-Reader is an e-book reader which enables users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking.  +


LG Smart TV +A TV which offers not only the ability to browse the Internet, but also a number of dedicated services based on this connectivity and on TV features that enable LG Electronics to collect data about the TV users.  +


Nest +It is a smart, connected thermostat that optimizes heating and cooling to conserve energy.  +


Renault Zoe +Renault Zoé is an electric car which can be remotely charged and preconditioned, and which offers a remote charge scheduling. N.B. Even if today there is the possibility to choose the Zoé version "i" - in which the battery is not hired, but sold -, we will only examine the first (and still available) version of the Zoé, in which the car is sold but the battery must be hired.  +


Tado +Smart thermostat which uses consumer's phone's location, checks the weather forecast and keeps in mind the features of the building in order to optimally regulate the temperature.  +


Withings Home +A smart house monitoring system.  +