UE: il balletto sull’economia circolare si chiude con un “pacchetto”

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CREDI B., UE: il balletto sull’economia circolare si chiude con un “pacchetto”, Greenews.info, 07.12.2015

Type Article
Link http://www.greenews.info/rubriche/ue-il-balletto-sulleconomia-circolare-si-chiude-con-un-pacchetto-20151207/
Topics Circular Economy


To foster circularity, regulators must intervene also in the production phase: for example introducing incentives for producers and suppliers who commercialize “greener” products, and who realize their recovery and recycling. The design phase of a product is fundamental: the final purpose of recycling should be taken into consideration also during that phase, in order to create products easier to fix or longer-lasting, and less expensive. We need that producers take into consideration repairability, durability and recyclability already in the design phase. Planned obsolescence must be challenged.